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Agricultural Distributing is located in the heart of
the Sacramento Valley, which has lent itself very
well and given us the opportunity to  develop
and distribute the high quality product that so
many farmers have grown to love.
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Why Belted Chain?
Belted chain takes on many unique features.  
The methods of drive include rod driven sprocket
(positive), and belt driven which
includes high profile belt drive and friction drive.  
Chains vary in width from 9 to 90 inches.  The rod
diameter covers the range of 5/16 to 5/8 inch.  
The gapping between rods on wide belts is
maintained by the use of additional center belts.  
The air gap between rods can vary from 3/16 of
an inch to as much as 6 inches or more.  The
rods may be “cranked” up or down and used in
various patterns to create holding pockets.  The
rods may be covered with soft rubber to prevent
“bruising” or with hard rubber or split PVC to
reduce the air gap.  Molded rubber flites can be
added for elevating.Belted chain can be
designed and adapted to fulfill the requirements
of nearly any harvesting and product handling
The Possibilities
are Endless!