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Belted Chain Manufacturing
Here at Agricultural Distributing we have researched all
the components that make up our belted chains to be able
to offer the highest quality product at an affordable
price. Manufacturing belted chain to meet our customers
specific needs is our speciality. We have a staff that has
worked with our product for years and can help point
you in the right direction for your belted chain needs!
Rollers and Sprockets
Not only do we manufacture belted chain we also carry a full
line of speciality rollers and sprockets that meet the needs of
most harvesters. If we don't have an item stocked on our
shelves it can be easily ordered from one of our suppliers and
obtained very quickly.
Seals, Axles, Spindles Nuts and Bolts
To go along with our rollers we carry all the odds and ends to
rebuild and repair them!
Ag Webs is going green!
We have installed a water
recycling unit to reduce
the use of water in the
plant by 40,000 gallons a
The long awaited arrival of
our roller catalogue is
finally over!  The catalogue
is now available upon
We upgraded the rubber
used for our belted chains
to increase the life and
longevity of each belt!
Latest News
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Over 25 years
of experience
and expertise!
We are currently working
on our sprocket, roller
rebuild kit and parts
catalogues.  We are
hoping they will be ready
to send out within the next
We carry products from the
best suppliers around!
We now have a sprocket
catalogue available upon
request! It includes
information on the
diameter of the various
sprockets sizes along with
approximate weight and
sizes we have done!